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THE ORDER OF FERSAN BEIT MAROUN (Knights of the House of Maron)


INTRODUCTION:   The Order of Beit Maron is an honorific order established by the INTERNATIONAL MARONITE FOUNDATION (IMF) and blessed by the Maronite Patriarch.  The induction of individuals into the Order is designed to recognize and reward these individuals for past services to the goals and purposes of the IMF, or as a way to confer prestige and distinction, for said services.

THE ORDER OF BEIT MAROUN: THE CROSS AND THE CEDAR:  THE ORDER OF BEIT MAROUN: THE CROSS AND THE CEDAR, is the highest degree award given to an individual by the IMF.   It is presented no more than once annually to an individual who has made outstanding global or regional contributions toward the goals and purposes of the IMF.

THE ORDER OF BEIT MAROUN: THE CROSS AND THE DOVE:  THE ORDER OF BEIT MAROON: THE CROSS AND THE DOVE is the second-degree award given to individuals or couples residing in a particular country, including but not limited to, countries of North, South and Central America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Australia.   It is presented no more than once annually to individuals or couples who have made outstanding contributions in the country where the individual or couple reside toward the goals and purposes of the IMF.


The goals and purposes of the IMF are:           

INDUCTION INTO ORDER OF BEIT MAROUN:  The Award Recipients shall be inducted into the Order of Beit Maroun, an honorary auxiliary of the IMF, by the Maronite Patriarch, or in the Name of the Patriarch at an appropriate ceremony and ritual.  Memberships are lifetime and no membership fees shall be required of the members.  The Award Recipients shall sit as ad hoc committee on the Board of the IMF as an advisory group.  The IMF, particularly at official functions, shall accord award Recipients the highest esteem.


                               GUIDELINES FOR NOMINATION AND SELECTION

NominationsNominations should be presented to the Honor Awards Committee of the IMF.

Qualifications/Method of Selection:  All Maronites of recognized standing are eligible for nomination.  Officers and Directors of the IMF are ineligible for an award while serving office.  Any member in good standing of the IMF may make nominations; however, the Maronite Bishop under whose jurisdiction the nominee resides must approve the nomination.  A Bishop is not limited to the approval of a single nominee.

The IMF Awards Committee makes the selection of the winners, weighing the following particulars:  The candidate's integrity; reputation (which should be more than local in character); the undertakings or services upon which the award is based are of high order; and there must be more than an ordinary relationship between the contributions of the nominee and the goals of the IMF.  Preference is given to nominees who have consistently promoted the goals of the IMF.

Award Presentation:  The award will be presented at the IMF’s Annual Meeting at a special function or at a special function designed for the occasion.  At the presentation ceremony, the recipient will be presented with a pin lapel medal, a sash-mounted medallion and certificate bearing the colors and logo of the Order of Beit Maroun in accordance with the respective rank of the awards and a congratulatory letter from the Patriarch.

Nomination Format:  There is no prescribed form to be completed.   Nominations must be submitted according to the details outlined below.  The data should be presented in three parts: (i) Part One: An Executive Summary; (ii) Part Two: Supporting Materials; and, (iii) Part Three: A list of local media.

Three 5x7"photographs (head and shoulders) should be attached to the original nomination entry.

For a previously submitted nominee to be reconsidered by the Committee, the nominating member must also submit an original entry with three photographs, as outlined herein.

Deadline: All entries must be postmarked no later than May 1, 2002 and on February 1, thereafter.

Nominations should be addressed to:

IMF Honor Awards Committee


International Maronite Foundation


Attn: Edward M. Salem, President


9330 Pecan Street


Cypress, California 90630


PART I:  Executive Summary:  Part I should consist of an executive summary of approximately 300 words.  It should be written to give a balanced, concise picture of the candidate as a contributor to the goals of the IMF.

PART II: Supporting Material: Part II should contain detailed data that support every key item in the executive summary.  This section of the biography should cover, but need not be limited to, the following items:

1. Education

2. Professional licenses held, if any

3. Memberships in organizations

4. Service to Maronite causes

5. Service to his or her Maronite community

6. Previous honors or awards bestowed.

7. The individual and his/her family

8. Support of other charitable or philanthropic causes and his/her family

The above items are to be included in the biography as they apply, and should provide a clear portrait of the candidate as an important contributor to Maronite causes and the goals of the IMF.  While careful consideration should be given to the candidate's local activities, due to the nature of this award, background items of national and international significance must be included.

PART III: Personal Information and Media Coverage:  The nominee’s mailing address and telephone number should be included along with list of two or more local newspapers or other publications with addresses for publicity purposes.