Actions to Implement the Resolutions

International Maronite Congress

20-23 June 2002, Los Angeles, California


  1. Implement a worldwide registration project to ensure life vital events, i.e., births, marriages, are recorded in Lebanon:

                                                              i.      Create a worldwide church based network

                                                            ii.      Create a support group in Lebanon to ensure flow of registrations


  1. Develop programs to assist our youth in developing a lifetime commitment to our Maronite heritage and to Lebanon.


  1. Support the bonding between all Maronites of the world by developing an electronic means of communication for the Patriarch to communicate with the Maronites of the world, and for his people to communicate with him,


  1. Facilitate the development of an “Cornet Shahwan” model in each nation to coordinate political activity and education efforts on behalf of Lebanon and its Christians


  1. Create a means to allow grass roots impact on policy makers, legislate leaders and the media in support of the issues of the Lebanese Christians.


  1. Implement a media education program to ensure clear understanding of Christian issues in Lebanon


  1. Forge alliances between Maronites and mainstream Christian movements in all nations where Maronites reside, educating them and securing their partnership in work on behalf of the Christians of Lebanon


  1. Develop a council to facilitate the development of support for all charities serving Lebanon



9.      Create a business council to support the efforts of the private sector, including the goal of lobbying on behalf of the private sector in order to achieve its goal for sector growth and job creation in key industry clusters and to assist in the export of Lebanese products.


  1. Create a public investment fund for funding businesses in Lebanon by means of way of loans, grants, etc., ideally attracting resources of the countries ex patriots.


  1. Assist in the development of the biotech industry.  Development of the biotech industry will create a challenging avenue for those in the biological and chemical sciences.  The biotech industry has been a rapidly growing industry and for the most part unaffected by the present economic downturn.  Lebanon is in a particularly good position with its hospital infrastructure and a large number of educated doctors.  In addition, there is a significant number of students graduating in the sciences.