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General Assembly Papers

Download  Galvanizing International Support: The Role of Maronites on the International Humanitarian Scene
Author: Georges Assaf, Attorney-at-Law

Download  The Role of the Maronites in the Post Occupation Decision Making in the Republic of LEBANON
Author: Joseph L. Boohaker and Dr. Ghassan Raad

Download  LEBANON Situation and Role of Maronites in a Society in Change
Author: Dr. Melhem Chaoul

Download  Critical Dilemmas in a Post-War Era A Strategic Appraisal
Author: Charles Chartouni, Ph.D

Download  The Role of the Lebanese Migrants (diaspora) in the Synod for LEBANON

Download  Maronites in LEBANON: Challenges and Possible Responses
Author: Dr. Joseph Fadel

Download  Determining ways to strengthen the Maronite heritage and values especially among the Lebanese emigres and their descendants
Author: Prof. Antoine Khoury Harb

Download  The Critical Role of the Maronites
Author: Jad Hatem

DownloadA   Plan of Action for the Application of the Convention's Guidelines
Author: George Karkafi

Download  The Maronites: Pressing Problems and Proposed ways to Resolve Them
Author: Farid El Khazen

Download  Laity in the Church
Author: Dominic Ashkar

Download  Karim and His Beloved Mountain -- From the Book: Breezes of My Autumn
Author: Farid Mattar

Download  The Maronites -- The Past, The Present, The Future
Author: Joanne E. McKenna

Download  A speech Given by Mr. Nabih Chartouni

Download  Cultural Role of the Maronites
Author: Prof. Tanios Noujaim

Download  The Maronite Way of Living
Author: Bechara Rahi, Archbishop of Jbeil

Download  The Political Role of the Maronites in LEBANON
Author: Dr. Maroun Y. Yazbeck


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