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What is the IMF?
The International Maronite Foundation
Who are We?
Why Do We Exist?
What Do We Want to Accomplish?

The International Maronite Foundation is a nonprofit* California corporation that exists to promote the welfare and advancement of the Maronites of the world. Existing under the patronage of the Maronite Patriarch, it has pledged to the Patriarch loyalty and commitment to his guidance while supporting his efforts on behalf of Lebanese of all faiths and his concern for peace, justice and the safeguard of freedom and human rights.

In supporting this effort, the Foundation works to strengthen the role of the patriarchy, relationships among Maronites both in Lebanon and outside, and actively promotes and works for the perpetuation of the rich heritage among Maronites all over the world.

The purposes of the foundation are:

  • To promote unity among Maronites of the world
  • Provide ways to strengthen the tradition and values, especially among Lebanese émigrés and their descendants, preserving that heritage among future generations by encouraging more participation in parish affairs and achieving a greater brotherhood within the Maronite family
  • Assist the laity in defining their role and mission in the church and in a society that is changing spiritually, socially, economically, politically, and geographically as we move into the twenty-first century
  • Promote the universality of the Maronite Church
  • Preserve and promote Maronite history, culture and identity
  • Support programs and missions of the Maronite Patriarchate

The objectives of the Foundation are:

  • To develop, establish and support an International Maronite Center
  • Establish an international data bank of Maronite sources and resources
  • Provide an accurate and effective means of communication using state-of-the-art technology
  • Provide a resource to Maronite writers, researchers and others for a disciplined and scholarly institution
  • Promote the universality of the Maronite church by specific programs that will educate Maronites on their common and rich heritage and the history of their church
  • Galvanize international support for Maronites
  • Strengthen activities for the preservation of Maronite tradition, values and identity
  • Develop a forum for exchange of information and communication in the Maronite Church community through publications and modern technology
  • Promote, establish and develop scholarship, fellowship and research funds
  • Develop an out-reach program to Maronites to re-assimilate non-participating Maronites into their tradition
  • Promote improved relations with Latin parishes on the local level, encouraging respect for traditions in a pluralistic religious community without loss of identity
  • Promote greater participation by Maronites in the political process
  • Promote closer cooperation with other Eastern churches

*We are a Section 501 (c) (3) corporation Tax ID number 95-4463397, 10 February 1997

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