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The International Maronite Foundation has been formed to promote unity among the Maronites of the world, the universality of the Maronite Church, preserve Maronite identity, history and culture, and support educational and religious programs in support of our Maronite heritage and the Patriarchy. This organization is founded exclusively to carry out religious, charitable and educational goals, in particular as pertains to the Maronites of the world.

The International Maronite Foundation recognizes the Patriarch of the Antiochan Maronite Catholic Church as the father and head of the Church, and its members pledge to him loyalty and commitment to his guidance while supporting his efforts on behalf of people of all faiths, especially the Lebanese of all faiths, and his concern for peace, justice and the safeguard of freedom and human rights. We Maronites, reaffirm our perpetual allegiance to the Roman Catholic Church and our Holy Father, the -Pope in Rome.

Our specific Goals and Objectives are:


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