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Boards and Officers
of the International Maronite Foundation

The International Maronite Foundation is  a non-profit corporation under Chapter 501 3c of the US Code and is incorporated as such in the State of California.  The registered agent for the corporation is the Chairman, Mr. Edward Salem.  The registered address of the corporation is 9330 Pecan Street, Cypress, California 90630.


Congressman Ray Lahood
Honorary Chairman

Edward M. Salem

Elias Saadi, M.D.
Secretary General

Paul Wakim, D.O.
Vice Chairman

Saad Afeef

Elias Ayoub, M.D.
Chairman, Executive Committee

Patriarchal Coordinator

Bishop Roland Bou Jaoude


Honorary Chairman of the Board

Lahood, Congressman Ray Illinois, USA


Members of the Board of Trustees

Afeef, Saad California USA

Antoine Ayoub, California, USA

Ayoob, Edward, Esq., Washington, D.C., USA

Ayoub, Eli, M.D, California, USA

Ayoub, George T., PhD, California USA

Bachir, George, Lebanon,

Bayeh, Hanna California USA

Boohaker, Judge Joseph Alabama, USA

Boorady, Charles New York, USA

Boustani, Charles Montreal, Canada

Boutros, Ghassan M.D., California USA

Bustany, Antoine MD, Lebanon

Chemaly, Charbel Kuwait

Daher, Antoine Brazil

Daher, Shadi DDS, Massachusetts, USA

El Asmar Imad. M.D., California USA

El Khoueiry, Anthony M.D., California USA

Feghali, Joseph Bulgaria

Feghali, Nabil M.D., California USA

Jaude, Karim California USA

Kaddo, Judge James California USA

Kamel, Michel California USA

Karaki, Joseph California USA

Karam Richard, Texas USA

Karam, Fred California USA

Khalil Bassam, Kentucky USA

Khalil, Joseph Lebanon

Mansour, Joseph, Los Angeles, CA

Maasri, Chikri San Diego,California, USA

Massad, Pierre Kuwait

Owen, Harvey California, USA

Saad, John M.D., California USA

Saadi, Eli , M.D., Ohio, USA

Salem, Edward California USA

Sfeir, Claude Lebanon

Sfeir, Mauricio Columbia

Wakim, Paul D.O., California USA

Watchee, Ralph M.D., California USA

Yammine, Emile Lebanon

Zayek, Francois


League Presidents

Michel Edde, Pres, Maronite League, Lebanon

Alejandro Kuri, Presi.Maronite League, Mexico

President, Maronite League of Canada

Charbel Chemaly, Pres. Maronite League Kuwait

Coury, Richard, Pres, NAM

Hala Nasr, Consultant


Members, Ex-Officio

Bishop Yousef Bechara, Cornet Shaawan

Bishop Yousef El Khoury, Canada

Bishop Paul Menjid Hachem, Baalback

Bishop Boulos Matar, Beirut

Bishop Gregory Mansour, Eastern USA

Bishop Bechara Rahi, Jbeil

Bishop George Abi Younes, Mexico

Bishop Robert Shaheen, Western USA



Efram, Habib, Pres. Syriac Universal Alliance



Zaidan, Abdallah Rev. Our Lady of Lebanon Eparchy

Mouanes, Nabil, Rev, Chaplain


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